Culturally Connected Communications

Music That Connects Our Culture

Culturally Connected Communicatons

It’s the song you play in the morning while getting the kids ready for school.  You played it while studying, and these days you get a smile on your face when you hear it on the radio while driving to work.  You belt it out in the shower when you think no one else is listening (or maybe you just don’t care). It reminds you of your first crush or was even playing during your first kiss. It was the summertime anthem that played on repeat and the theme song that brought family together for reunions and holiday gatherings. It inspires you, it makes you laugh, think and relive memories, good and bad.  That’s the power of music! It gives color to the defining moments—big and small—that illustrate our lives. And it’s the only time machine in existence; allowing us to revisit the past, suspend the present, and dwell in the future’s endless possibilities. It crosses boundaries of culture and geography; bringing us together in moments of joy, celebration and challenges.  No, it’s never just music. It’s far more than that. It’s one of the finest, most diverse forms of human expression we have. So, in honor of Black Music Month, we’re ending June on a high note (terrible pun intended) with a “C3 Favorite Hits” playlist organized by generation, just for you. We hope you enjoy!